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Waterline Art Gallery Ettalong Beach

Seahorses, Jellyfish and Bluebottles

Mia McLean captured the ‘coastal aquarium’

Ettalong Beach. There is calm, jellyfish just bobbing along – and there is danger, bluebottles with stinging long tails, ready for innocent victims. In her latest exhibition ‘Changing Tides’ Mia McLean has again captured the calm or turbulent energy of Australia’s stunning coastline. The exhibition is on show till 6. December 2019.

“My work is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ take on realism”, said Mia to her works, “the colours and placement slightly warping the truth”. The jellyfish, so the artist, are “my organised chaos and playful favourite subject matter”.

After the successful showing of ‘Spindrift’ at the Waterline Gallery, this is the second exhibition in Ettalong Beach. Mia McLean started painting while traveling around Australia and selling her first works at market stalls. “I was drawing my inspiration from my surroundings, an awareness of the tranquil beauty that exists in our coastal aquarium”.

For Mia, jellyfish are her organised chaos and ‘favourite subject matter, whereas whales for her represent the ultimate calm and solitude of the deep. The watercolours are delicate and the images come to live, ready to swim away any moment or just glide through the tides.

“My images were recently chosen be bio pack for their take away cups”, said the proud artist, “all over Australia are coffee drinkers, holding a cup with my design, turtle or whales”.

But there are not only paints, Mia McLean has created images on surf boards which will be also on display and produced cushions with sea turtle, whales and seahorses.

“Our art schedule is drawn up till Christmas 2020”, said café owner Catherine McDonald, “Mia’s artwork is not only beautiful and appealing for coastal homes. The exhibition is on show till 6. December, followed by Angela Dennis”.

The café is open seven days from 9.00am, paintings can also be viewed after hours by appointment.

“Incredible paintings on the wall, just the essence of the coast. We invite locals and visitors to explore the unique and original art”, said café owner Catherine McDonald, “there is again some ‘serious’ art on show.”

The café is open seven days from 9.00am, special viewings can be arranged by appointment (4311 6842).

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